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For too long, lingerie has evoked some kind of dread in us all. Because most brands are not selling us true sexiness - they’re selling us what men think is sexy. Which is too often uncomfortable, unflattering, and completely ignorant of the female anatomy.

Enter Oh Lydia Intimates - created by model Lydia Graham who knows first hand the damning pressures of having to look a certain way and adhere to being ‘sexy’.

The brand puts comfort first. Think classic M&S style briefs but with a cool, modern twist. It’s playful, global, minimal, yet powerful and sexy. It would probably suit your nan - but perhaps you’re not ready to face that reality.

Acknowledging the catastrophic effects fast fashion has on the environment - Oh Lydia Intimates also commits to being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible: sourcing materials consciously and working with local businesses to achieve the highest quality. Because being kind to the Earth is also kinda sexy.

And sustainability doesn’t mean unaffordable - Oh Lydia Intimates strives to be accessible for all. Whether you’re a struggling student needing to self-indulge a little or a high- shot business woman living her true S ex And The City life - the underwear is stripped of pretentious fluff and focuses on quality.

So whether you embrace your inner tom-boy and don an alternative outfit from Depop, or dress to simulate Kim K on an ASOS budget - Oh Lydia Intimates will become a staple in your wardrobe.

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